Mobilizing Policy Advocacy and Change Strategies Recording

The BFD team has been working on co-developing a Transnational Bicycles for Development Collective website to mobilize and amplify efforts of those working in the bicycles for development field. A digital platform has been created to host resources, events and discussions for interested researchers, organizations, practitioners and advocates.

The website supports the bicycles for development movement, which promotes a shared vision of the importance of bicycles in shaping our daily lives, our communities and our future. Ultimately, the objective of the platform is to collaborate with key stakeholders to foster horizontal learning, knowledge dissemination, advocacy and policy change. It hosts a diverse selection of resources – from documentaries and podcasts to research projects and workshops. Visitors who register on the digital platform will have the capability to post resources and contribute to discussions.

Content on the digital platform builds off the expertise of panelists shared during a workshop hosted by the BFD research team. The virtual workshop “Mobilizing Policy and Advocacy and Change Strategies,” which took place Feb. 21, featured three expert panelists in the fields of transportation, urban and rural mobility, and bicycle-related social justice work: Susan Bornstein (global director, World Bicycle Relief, U.S.); Ingrid Buday (advocate, Safe and Active Streets, Canada); and Louis Uchôa (analyst of institutional development, SampaPé!, Brazil).

A discussion on mobilizing policy advocacy and change strategies helped to inform the development and direction of the digital platform. Those interested can watch the recording of the workshop below.

The BFD team is hoping to host a symposium in the near future for those interested in sharing their work with others from the Transnational Collective. The website will provide a space to co-create other potential future events for the Collective.