Community-based Research Team

South Africa

Tarminder Kaur

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Free State, South Africa. My research focuses on the everyday sporting lives of those in spaces and collectives identified or categorised as in need of “development”. For my doctoral thesis, I wrote an ethnography of sports among the farm workers of the Western Cape, South Africa. I examined the limitations and contradictions in the seemingly benign and increasingly popular, yet problematic, discourses and practices of sports-for-development. While I continue to study sports among the African labour and working classes, my post-doctoral research seeks deeper social meanings, processes and functions of sports, particularly soccer, in shaping Southern Africa’s past and present. My current research on soccer tours along the South African farm labour ‘migration’ routes, particularly between Rawsonville (Western Cape) and Sterkspruit (Eastern Cape), engages with the familiar, unique and particular ways in which sports inform human experiences and life-making processes. My long-term academic goal is to establish as a scholar of African Sports Studies, while substantiating a case for everyday sports practices as a serious research topic. My primary research project entitled: amaXhosa Maradona has received some encouraging scholarly attention at various platforms, and reflects an evolving monograph I am currently working on.


Janet Otte

Janet is a Ugandan with over 10 years’ experience in managing development projects on Refugees, Women’s Rights as well as clinical research in communities within Uganda. Currently, Janet is involved with the Cycling against Poverty Study led by Dr. Lyndsay Hayhurst. Janet plays a critical role in ensuring compliance to all the regulatory and ethical issues of a digital participatory research among rural communities in Uganda. Additionally, Janet seeks to explore the intersections between sports and the social cultural factors affecting gender relations and Community Health in Sub Saharan Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Development and Security from University of Bristol in United Kingdom.

Donna Tara Parytci

Donna Tara Parytci lives and works in Uganda. For 10 years Donna worked with a Women’s rights and development agency; gaining experience and skills in developing relevant strategies for gender relations, rights and empowerment. Donna is also a film-maker and scriptwriter for advocacy, attitudes and behaviour change communication. More recently, Donna has been engaged in the Cycling against Poverty Study led by Dr. Lyndsay Hayhurst. Donna is a trained Teacher and Communicator with a Diploma in Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications.

Eyul Patrick

Patrick is a social scientist who has worked with development and research organisations for over 13 years. His research program crosses the disciplines of HIV, population studies, immunization delivery, maternal and child health, sociology, health systems strengthening and healthcare governance. Currently, Patrick is involved with the Cycling against Poverty Study led by Dr. Lyndsay Hayhurst. He provides strategic and technical support on issues surrounding Northern Uganda. On this project, Patrick seeks to explore the unintended consequences of bicycle for development programs among rural women living with HIV in Uganda. He has a Master of Arts in Social Sector Planning and Management from Makerere University and a Master of Science in International Health Policy and Management from Brandeis University in USA.


Lidieth del Socorro Cruz Centeno

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